short films

Freckles Jr.

Down on his luck, Freckles Jr. decides to follow in his father's comedically large footsteps by becoming the worlds greatest clown. There is only one problem... Freckles Jr. is terrible at being a clown.

The Land

In the quiet of Southern Iowa, there is a small group of people who have dedicated themselves to living life the way God intended. Unplugged and off the grid, this small community has developed a unique lifestyle while living on The Land.


Travel 45

A promotional video for Travel 45, a travel agency located near Kansas City, MO. This fun group stayed at the Barcelo resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Salon Vogue

A promotional video for Salon Vogue, a hair and make-up salon located in Warrensburg, MO. They offer great haircuts and stylings for both men and women.

Hotbox Revival

A hype video for the Omaha cover band, Hotbox Revival. This band is known for their fun and energetic performances, performing hits from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.

corporate videos

Employee Success Software

Keep your employees connected, aligned, and on the path to success. Our employee success software combines employee engagement, performance management, and people analytics and intelligence to empower your teams to stay focused, engaged, and motivated to deliver powerful business results.

Employee Goal Management Software

Clear, aligned goals are critical to employee, team, and business success. Our employee goal management software helps your teams set, track, and accomplish goals so that you can meet your most important business objectives.

BPTW Campaign Video 2021

A campaign video used for all of the 2021 BPTW events.

Employee Recognition Software

Recognition is a top driver of employee engagement. Our employee recognition software helps you celebrate and motivate employees by highlighting great work and sharing success stories across your organization.

music videos

The Folk Faces - Coming Home

The official music video for Coming Home (To Work, From Home, Where We Worked) by The Folk Faces.

Sad Christopher - Hey Rainy Day

Sad Christopher performing his song, Hey Rainy Day, live in my college apartment.

Sad Christopher - I'm Not Okay

Sad Christopher performing his song, I'm Not Okay, live in my college apartment.

mobefrsh. - best i ever could (yuh)

The official music video for best i ever could (yuh) by mobefrsh.

the computer lab

Episode #1 - Escape Velocity

A brilliant, self-centered grad student receives cryptic messages from the future detailing tragic events caused by his actions. Over the course of five years, the Grad Student attempts to alter the foretold events — only to discover the tragedy expanding in scope.

Episode #2 - Night Blindness

An aging university custodian seeks refuge in the computer lab. When a computer in the lab presents the custodian with a shocking secret about his estranged daughter, he makes a decision that changes both of their lives.

Episode #3 - Between & Betwixt

A grieving college student has a series of increasingly bizarre encounters in the computer lab following her mother’s unexpected death.

Episode #4 - Shadowplay

A philosophy professor’s grip on reality is threatened after she is fired for being a whistleblower, leading to profound realizations about the world and her place in it.