Works with Selby Films

Nicole and Chris Wedding:
Nicole and Chris get married.
Lindsey and Ryan Wedding:
Lindsey and Ryan get married.
Kourtney and Ryan Wedding:
Kourtney and Ryan get married.
NCCR - 2019
Bull & Bronc Riding:
Contests hold on for dear life at the National Chuckwagon Championship Races.
Kids of Chuckwagon:
Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys... unless you're at the National Chuckwagon Championship Races.
Bronc Fanning:
These broncs are on fire. Some brave souls try to fan them off at the National Chuckwagon Championship Races.
Who Wears the Pants?:
Levis. Wranglers. It doesn't matter, but somebody has to wear them, especially at the National Chuckwagon Championship Races.
Trail Ride/Fish Fry:
Wagons on the trail and fish on the grill, it doesn't get much better than that. See you next year at the National Chuckwagon Championship Races.


Salon Vogue Promo: a promotional video for Salon Vogue in Warrensburg, MO. 
Salon Vogue Holiday Promo: a promotional video to showcase the new products available for the holiday season!

Wedding Videos

The Miller Wedding: a visual montage of Makayla and Alec getting married.

The Computer Lab

Ep. #1 - Escape Velocity: a problematic graduate student receives messages from the future.
Ep. #3 - Between & Betwixt: 
a grieving college students believes that she has found a way to communicate with her deceased mother. 
Ep. #2 - Night Blindness: a lonely janitor discovers a secret about his estranged daughter.
Ep. #4 - Shadow Play: 
a philosophy professor begins to lose her grip on reality. The secret behind the Computer Lab is revealed. 

Short Film

Freckles Jr.: a short film about a clown trying to follow in his father's comedically large footsteps.
Reverie: a short film about a man's troubled past coming back to haunt him.
The Land: a short documentary about a self-sustaining commune in Southern Iowa.
Femme De La Fin: a short film noir about a prostitute that takes matters into her own hands.

Music Video

Bed You Made: a music video for Bed You Made by Sad Christopher.
Best I Ever Could (yuh): a music video for Best I Ever Could (yuh) by MOBE FRSH.
11: a music video for 11 by Sad Christopher.
Story Cypher: a cypher video featuring JAY MYKE.


Dad Bot 5000: an animated short with an original song.

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